a little humour

I don't make a habit of posting links that often (except when they say nice things about me) but this is just wonderful


Johann said...

Thanks for that link. I learned that I have no knowledge of the world of art photography. I found myself wanting to defend the right of the photographers to present their images the way they wanted. It was only in reading the comments that I discovered the true satire of the thing.

a camera in the world said...

Hi Blog Dog, the people that the blogger used are an interesting range. For example, Penn is most famous for his fashion work along with his portarits of people from a range of cultures, including the Hells Angels in the 1960's.

Henri Cartier-Bresson is famous for his expression "the decisive moment" and to a certain extent aws the pioneer of street photography.

Bill Brandt was English and did some trully amazing work in the 1950's with a superwide lens. This made for some very distorted images. His nudes using this style are a joy to behold.

The satire is dead on as far as "web critiques" go.

Cheers David