Thinking about Winogrand .....

A (bad) homage ..... Transplanting Mr W to Hong Kong


On thinking about a show with limited success

Homer was a beggar; Plautus turned a mill; Terence was a slave; Boethius died in gaol; Paul Borghese had fourteen trades, and yet starved with them all; Tasso was often distressed for five shillings; Bentivoglio was refused admittance into an hospital he had himself erected; Cervantes died of hunger; Camoens, the celebrated writer of the Lusiad, ended his days in an alms house; and Vaugelas left his body to the surgeons, to pay his debts as far as it would go. In our own country, Bacon lived a life of meanness and distress; Sir Walter Raleigh died on a scaffold. Spencer, the charming Spencer, died forsaken, and in want; and the death of Collins came through neglect, first causing mental derangement. Milton sold his copy-right of Paradise Lost for fifteen pounds, at three payments, and finished his life in obscurity; Dryden lived in poverty and distress; Otway died prematurely, and through hunger; Lee died in the streets; Steele lived a life of perfect warfare with bailiffs. Goldsmith’s Vicar of Wakefield was sold for a trifle to save him from the gripe of the law; Fielding lies in the burying-ground of the English factory at Lisbon, without a stone to mark the spot; Savage died in prison at Bristol, where he was confined for a debt of eight pounds; Butler lived in penury, and died poor; Chatterton, the child of genius and misfortune, destroyed himself.
– The Terrific Register, 1825


Cymbolic Protest

In Hong Kong there have been, for some time now, an ongoing series of protests by investors who have lost money in the recent financial, ummmm, downturn? unrest? correction? Many of these people want the banks to return the money that they invested. Or in other words, make good the loss. Claims, counter claims and stories about misrepresentation of risk fly.

Part of the protest action is to make lots of noise outside the banks. This is done in a range of ways, including many people banging drums and crashing cymbals, as in this case. I liked how this person had worked out a simple way to do this with one cymbal.


another modernist cliche

Friday at home

Was in Beijing for a few days

nothing startling to report, took lots of photos while in tourist mode. This is one.

And this, another



It is Sunday. I have been to the Hong Kong Art Fair every day. I'm tired but buzzed.

So in lieu of nothing in particular, an image.


new ideas

I'm toying with an idea

It is called un/seen/known city

I am trying to look at the urban city scape I inhabit in a different way. Early days yet, but I think I might have something worth doing here. It touches on a few of the things I obsess about in my work, (beauty, identity, spirituality, multiples) and I am very interested in how it grows.


Meta photo, squared

Yeap, another one


a photo of someone filming someone taking a photo while bring watched by a cctv camera. The cctv is the thing that looks like a street light in the top middle .... I mean, come on, is it not a metaphor for todays culture?

more or less

Think of this image as a Chinese text. To be read from right to left.


Meta photo

Yeah, I know, but I'm a fan of these sorts of things.

Playing with someones idea

A friend of mines work has inspired me to try and make some similar but different images.

Hope he doesn't mind my reinterpretations


Sunday night is quiet night

Something very minimalist/modernist for today



There are, in discrete corners of Hong Kong, some old (for Hong Kong) buildings

This is part of one of them. It is an old slaughter house that has been converted into an "arts village". In other words, a couple of galleries and some studios. It is referred to as "The Cattle Depot".


Group Show in New Zealand


I have some images in a group show at Thermostat Gallery in Palmerston North. The show opens this Saturday (February 14). So, if you are looking for something romantic to do, visit Palmerston North!

Unfortunately I wont be able to make it, but hope you will get along in my place. There should be some very good work in the show judging by the company I'm in.



And today's picture is something that might become a series

I like empty chairs, especially in groups like these.


Imagined landscape

OK, so I'm looking around for things to photograph.

This is close to home.


A post a day?

A friend of mine has started me on a small challenge, take, and publish an image a day.

I know, lots of people do this, it is a bit of a cliche, but ........

It does make me work, and the more you work the less the "writers block" takes hold. So, to start, something I took today when I went to Sha Tin (沙田), and one of my favorite places, the 10,000 Buddha Temple.


It's been a while

Well, I have been slack of late. I could line up excuses, sick, christmas, new year, lunar new year, computer problems, but what do you care.

So, here is an image that didn't make it for a show I'm in shortly. Didn't fit, but I still like it.