Boogie Nights

The other night I went to an opening of an exhibition of contemporary art from the Philippines. Great stuff by and large, there is some good work in the show, and some of it very very interesting on both a visual and conceptual level.

A highlight of the night was this.

The Radioactive Sago Project

A band bought over for the occasion.

I danced, I took pictures, I danced some more.


from the show

Well, I'm back home in Hong Kong, it's warm, skys are clear (thanks typhoon and persistent, if light, southerly winds) and I am feeling relaxed. Lots of ideas for new work and even invitations to show, so, great.

Here are a couple of images from the Wellington show. It's at Photospace and is on 'till, I think, September 15. Go have a look.

The first two images are part of the "Mixed Messages" series I have been working on. There is also a boxed set of 10 diptych that go with the series.

These I am calling the "Philosophers Stomach" and are part of my obsession with water and fish, and also a continuation of my works around the meaning of beauty.

Anyway, go along, if for nothing one of James wonderful coffees.