Back with the Buddha's

Needing some peace and quite recently I took a trip out to Sha Tin and made the walk up the hill to the 10,000 Buddha Temple. I love this temple. It is not a tourist centre like the (over rated) “Big Buddha” on Lantau and as such when I visit there are often only two or three other visitors.

So, anyway, to assist you in your meditation during a busy and stressful day this is my gift to you. If your day is not busy and stressful what the hell are you doing slacking about?


More from the markets

Starting to scan some of the negs, will put more up soon. Great place, a community.

Imagined clouds

From the ongoing "The Promised Land" series. I like to think that this works on a couple of levels. Firstly, as part of the comment/documentation on/of advertising and consumerism and its development of imagined ideal lives.

Secondly, here in Hong Kong we suffer a bit from, according to politicians, a "perception problem" about air quality. Apparently if you can see and smell the air you breathe you presume that it is bad for you. This apparently makes you think you are sick when you aren’t. Wow, so that explains it.


The Andy

S0me time ago I was driving along and didn't see the circus setting up. I had to stop, park my car and go for a walk before I stumbled across it. Anyway, Andy this is for you.


Market report

In the spirit of making Hong Kong a "World City" (read faceless and generic) the city is being striped of its character. One of the latest to go is the 1930's Wan Chai Food Market. The building is a wonderful example of streamline modern but will, within the next few years, be another boring tower block designed to look like a toilet.

Anyway, I hope to put up more photo's of this market, it has become a project for me.