Midnight sun

Welcome to Iceland, or at least, over the next week or so a selection of images from my travels. I go to the other side of the world and what do I find, crosses.


OK, pictures ...

... on the way to Iceland I spent a night in London. I bought film and visited galleries. I also took some tourist photos ...

There is something about the light in London ....

that is different to both New Zealand and Hong Kong.

That and some of the buildings look strange

Then I got on a plane and flew to Iceland


late night and daylight

I have come to the conclusion that Iceland is, in a way, a lonely yet very sociable place. There are only 300,000 or so people here, and most (about 80%) in one place, Reykjavik. I have been, for the last few weeks, traveling the country and often there is no one to be seen. And I thought New Zealand was sparsely populated. Going back to Hong Kong will be different.

I have shot a lot of film in the last six or so weeks, I hope some of it is good and that I can get it up on the site when I get it processed and scanned.

Till then, I am of to bed, early start in the morning.