new ideas

I'm toying with an idea

It is called un/seen/known city

I am trying to look at the urban city scape I inhabit in a different way. Early days yet, but I think I might have something worth doing here. It touches on a few of the things I obsess about in my work, (beauty, identity, spirituality, multiples) and I am very interested in how it grows.


Meta photo, squared

Yeap, another one


a photo of someone filming someone taking a photo while bring watched by a cctv camera. The cctv is the thing that looks like a street light in the top middle .... I mean, come on, is it not a metaphor for todays culture?

more or less

Think of this image as a Chinese text. To be read from right to left.


Meta photo

Yeah, I know, but I'm a fan of these sorts of things.

Playing with someones idea

A friend of mines work has inspired me to try and make some similar but different images.

Hope he doesn't mind my reinterpretations