More domestic views

I'm starting to enjoy this. It's interesting, you live with this and neglect it. Every day I walk past these on my way out to take photographs. Interesting what happens when you start to experiment.


External Domesticity

Yes, I know, a wall.

Get over it, I like photographing them .....

..... they don't talk back, they don't yell at you when you photograph them and they are there when you want to go back and re-shoot what you stuffed up. Well actually this is Hong Kong so they often aren't. More on this earlier, and no doubt, later.

Oh yeah ....

Kung Hei Fat Choi



Ok, so I now know how to get to the images. Now it's time to learn. And you learn by doing. So here I am doing.

Might do a series of these. Domestic images, a cliché, but fun.


Oh, and it's almost Lunar New Year

Lovely wall

I like walls, and I walk past this one a lot. Today there wasn't a truck, bus, taxi, car, van, group of people standing in front of it. So what does a boy do, he takes his shiny new camera and takes a photograph of it. Or more to the point he points an electronic device at it which converts light to ones and zeros then stores them as electrical charges that he then spends hours trying to get from the f*%@#ing thing to his computer...... And I thought learning to scan was hard!

I'm thinking of taking it back..... stupid digital stuff. Check back later when I have got used to it.


The Andy, redux

I have a filing system that works, it seems at times, on divine guidance and luck. I have been trying to find a negative that I new where it was a week or two ago, but then I was stupid and tidied everything up.

On the plus side I found this.

You know, I just might dig the holga out, tape it up and hit the streets.


Recently I went to Fotan. When I mentioned this to some people I know they looked at me like I was strange. Probably because they know Fotan as an industrial area in the New Territories. But, as various industries in Hong Kong relocate to China, Vietnam and other "lower cost" areas space becomes available in these buildings that is increasingly difficult to rent out.

So, bring in the artists. Fotan has developed as a sort of artists village, and on occasion they open the studios up and people came and visit. Along a wall on one of the floors of the building I found this. I like it.