Signs and meanings

Tonight a friend has a show opening

This post kind of makes sense to me and hopefully to others, especially as I know what he had to do to make some of the images.


Self portrait


A few days in Bangladesh

Recently we went with some friends of ours to Dhaka in Bangladesh. We were only there a few days unfortunately so only had a quick and, as you can no doubt understand, constrained view of the city and its people. What can I tell you about Bangladesh beyond what you read in the media? Yes it is predominately poor, crowded, noisy, dusty and chaotic. It is also friendly, open, welcoming, curious, happy, outgoing, shy, devout and interesting.

Tourism is not big yet, and the slogan for the tourist office is something along the lines of "Bangladesh, visit before the tourists" There aren't package groups, but there are individual travellers, mainly younger, and business people (Bangladesh is one of the worlds leading garment manufacturing locations).

I talked with all sorts of people, from families visiting a museum to students from a madrasa, self appointed tour guides to people just wanting to have their photograph taken with this big, hairy, white guy. All in all, I can't wait to go back for a longer visit.

Anyway, some pictures from the visit.

Dhaka is a city full of rickshaws and these are often beautifully and ornately decorated. They often show examples of religious and secular art and are still one of the main ways for a lot of people to get around.

There are mosques everywhere, Big, small and in-between. Some very beautiful, others, functional.

More will follow.


Boogie Nights

The other night I went to an opening of an exhibition of contemporary art from the Philippines. Great stuff by and large, there is some good work in the show, and some of it very very interesting on both a visual and conceptual level.

A highlight of the night was this.

The Radioactive Sago Project

A band bought over for the occasion.

I danced, I took pictures, I danced some more.


from the show

Well, I'm back home in Hong Kong, it's warm, skys are clear (thanks typhoon and persistent, if light, southerly winds) and I am feeling relaxed. Lots of ideas for new work and even invitations to show, so, great.

Here are a couple of images from the Wellington show. It's at Photospace and is on 'till, I think, September 15. Go have a look.

The first two images are part of the "Mixed Messages" series I have been working on. There is also a boxed set of 10 diptych that go with the series.

These I am calling the "Philosophers Stomach" and are part of my obsession with water and fish, and also a continuation of my works around the meaning of beauty.

Anyway, go along, if for nothing one of James wonderful coffees.


Installing the show

Well, I have installed most of the show.

This is the bit that took the time, but I like it, which I supose is good. Show opens tonight (New Zealand Time), so if you are in Wellington, come along!


well, finally

It has been a while, I know, but I have been trying to detach myself from the computer whenever possible lately, as I have been spending long hours working on/at it creating work for a show.

Anyway, a couple of people I know have work in a show at Osage in Kwun Tong. The show is called "Women's Work" and this image was taken during a panel discussion involving some of the exhibitors and two academics. The obvious take is the invisibility of women in art. I like to think there are other, more productive ones.

Anyway, go see the show, there is some good work in it.

This is part of one of them.


Signs and portents

Was in Shanghai recently, and was sick for the whole trip...... Did get out and do some stuff.

This is one of the things I came across.


Friday morning procrastination

Must do some work, must do some work, must do some work

Have a small series of these developing, might be part of my Post Modern Clich├ęs series .


Thursday night procrastination

Prize for guessing which New Zealand artist I'm ripping off tonight.


oh, ok, another from yesterday.

The Olympics are coming. And Hong Kong is hosting the horsey bit. You know, gymkhana, pony shows, how to make a tasty stew. Oh sorry, that last one is the French is it?

This one is on the back of a building in the Mong Kong, Yau Ma Tei. About as far removed from the horsey set as you can get.

Thursday night procrastination

I'm meant to be slaving over a friends laptop making images for my next show. Instead I'm listening to Was (Not Was) and playing with some images I shot yesterday.

This is one. Of several. You may see others later. Or not.


More cliches

I'm still thinking about these

I'm not sure what to do with them. I'm worried that they don't really work.



A structure as a metaphor ....

... for the declining status of modernisim


It's Rugby Sevens time again

And the barbarian hordes descend on Hong Kong

Some find the experience a little taxing.

Training is important, heavy exercise when unfit can lead to your body reacting violently, as this person found out........


Circle of confusion

Not sure were this fits in my various bodies of work. But it's Friday night, I'm tired, and I'm thinking I need a break from thinking about works. So, enjoy the weekend.


I have not abandoned black and white completly, I have been working on a few things.

This is one of them. An idea about what is left behind when people leave a living or working environment.

All these were taken in a street in Wan Chai. The buildings are gone now. What was once a thriving community will soon be highrise offices and apartments.

Comments, insults and suggestions please.