It's Rugby Sevens time again

And the barbarian hordes descend on Hong Kong

Some find the experience a little taxing.

Training is important, heavy exercise when unfit can lead to your body reacting violently, as this person found out........


Circle of confusion

Not sure were this fits in my various bodies of work. But it's Friday night, I'm tired, and I'm thinking I need a break from thinking about works. So, enjoy the weekend.


I have not abandoned black and white completly, I have been working on a few things.

This is one of them. An idea about what is left behind when people leave a living or working environment.

All these were taken in a street in Wan Chai. The buildings are gone now. What was once a thriving community will soon be highrise offices and apartments.

Comments, insults and suggestions please.


post the post modern cliches post

I'm drawn to these utility signs

They have something about them, utilitarian but aesthetically pleasing