The copy, kind of.......

Over at another blog someone has been posting lots of pictures of trees and things. Sometimes from his own (small, but bigger than ours) back yard.

So, not to be outdone, but not from my backyard, as I don't have one, a couple of trees.


Clue 2

On one side of the river....

And on the other side of the river....



OK, a clue for the earlier post. That building on the right?

its the Russian Embassy.

and this one is a 1930's hotel. Come on, guesses please.


An occasionally re occurring thread in my work is water. I like being on and around it. It also scares me and has done its best to kill me a couple of times. That or I haven't given it enough respect....

So, anyway, fish are a big thing here. From what I know about the Chinese language, fish is a hominid for wealth. Nice.

Anyway, it's a kind of pretty picture,and sometimes that's all that is required.

I went travelling ...

OK, so I like a little competition. Not that I ever win them.

A couple of shots from a recent trip, (as in the last year), guess where and you get a prize.

Great, traditional features.

Harmonious aesthetics.

Sensitive balance between use and restoration. So, no, it's not Hong Kong.

The prize is a nice cup of coffee or tea to the first person who tells me where these are. Which is probably not that great a prize until you add the value of my company.

I will post some more later. Promise. Including one of a great public sculpture. It's really good.

Ah,what the hell,here it is.

I read about these guys. One had an interesting (and influential) theory on history.