Maybe this will become part of something, or maybe not.

This is from an "Ancestral Hall" at a Taoist Temple complex.



No, I have not gone and bought an xpan ......


Old stories

Well, my next Wellington show is coming up. Opening is Wednesday December 6th at Photospace (see link in sidebar). It continues my exploration of my traditional New Zealand spiritual upbringing. The images, (two of which follow), take their inspiration from bible class stories taught to us each Sunday, and how I (miss)remember them.

Enjoy the preview
The Flood

Divided Cross


Nature at its best

So, I have a thing going for panoramas at the moment. I will soon get over it, don't worry. A great rural New Zealand image.


Random acts of art

More travels into the Promised Land

Hong Kong becomes more and more an imaginary place in some ways. The divide between what is real and what is imagined can be dramatic, even for those of us that live here. And the portrayal of it within itself continues to inspire.

These are from a row of old Wan Chai shop houses that are being "saved".