Nothing much to say, just a nice colour exercise I think.



The apartment upstairs is getting renovated. There has been lots of drilling, bashing and crashing. On the plus side they have been using some nice plastic sheeting around the place.


the beauty of speed

Another of my attempts to find beauty in the mundane....



Every now and then you see something that says please, photograph me


Black, white and grey

OK, about time to put more images up. Sorry that some of these may be a bit "soft". My scanner does not allow me to scan negs larger than 35mm. So I am scanning from proof sheets for many of these. I am going to buy a new scanner soon, but first need to sell some gear. Anyone want a Canon A1 or Leica 90mm lens?

Anyway, a selection of black and white images for your review


From a distance

Well, I have been back near a week now and it has given me time to develop both film and distance. Going to Iceland was something I had wanted to do for some time. I remember as a kid reading about the "cod wars" with the British and that the mid Atlantic Ridge ran through it. So I go there and photograph. Looking back over what I did I find it interesting what attracted me.

I continued on some themes that I have been exploring around spirituality like this one.

I took bad tourist photos, (I will leave those out) and occasionally I just became entranced with the beauty of the country, its colours, shapes and tones.

And on occasion the modernist in me came out.