From a distance

Well, I have been back near a week now and it has given me time to develop both film and distance. Going to Iceland was something I had wanted to do for some time. I remember as a kid reading about the "cod wars" with the British and that the mid Atlantic Ridge ran through it. So I go there and photograph. Looking back over what I did I find it interesting what attracted me.

I continued on some themes that I have been exploring around spirituality like this one.

I took bad tourist photos, (I will leave those out) and occasionally I just became entranced with the beauty of the country, its colours, shapes and tones.

And on occasion the modernist in me came out.

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Anonymous said...


I remember that day at the gas station when you when exploring on the side of the building and came back for your camera, and I was thinking "What the heck did he find on the side of a gas station?!?!" in my head! Well, now I see that beautiful image of the red panels.

The image of the powerplant at the Blue Lagoon is also very fine. I can still smell the hot sulfer steam that was blowing all around us when making those images. Did you get to see the photograph I did of the same building? Quite different from yours.

All the best,

Ryan McIntosh