Black, white and grey

OK, about time to put more images up. Sorry that some of these may be a bit "soft". My scanner does not allow me to scan negs larger than 35mm. So I am scanning from proof sheets for many of these. I am going to buy a new scanner soon, but first need to sell some gear. Anyone want a Canon A1 or Leica 90mm lens?

Anyway, a selection of black and white images for your review


Jonathan Horner said...

Hi David. Love your blogger site. I don't know if you remember me, I was the one who was interested in photography at Uni and came to your house once (I think you came to my 21st too). Awesome pics of Iceland, I take it you're not back in NZ yet. Ashame, cos' I have just quit my job in Auckland and back in Welly for a few days with a Triumph Spitfire before heading off overseas to Aussie for a new job. It would've been cool to go for a drive with yah as I remember that was one of your first cars. Anyway, flick me an email sometime on jonathan.horner@gmail.com and we'll catch up sometime (maybe at Christmas when I'm back in NZ, if you are). J

Sam said...

These are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...


Are these images from Iceland? Only 1 of them looks slightly familar to some of the things I remember seeing with you. I guess thats a good thing! Your seeing things that I completely overlooked! Fantastic.

Ryan McIntosh

a camera in the world said...

Ryan, yeap, all Iceland. the top one was from near Landmanalauger, the second one I think you know, third was at Arnastapi, four, Hellnar if I recall, and the last was near Seltjarnarnes.