a little humour

I don't make a habit of posting links that often (except when they say nice things about me) but this is just wonderful

fruit and animals

Should you ever visit Sha Tin in the New Territories you must make the climb to the temple of the 10,000 Buddha's. I have posted other images from this temple before. Each time I go there I always end up looking at this statue, generally because I am drinking a lot of water.

This, and the next picture are from the old fruit market in Mong Kok (I think, that or Ya Ma Tei). It probably wont be here for much longer, places like this are high priority for the bulldozer and tower block thinkers.

Well, I'm off into the heat to photograph at a place called Tai O, (where the red wall in the previous post is) a fishing village on Lantau that I love. Have a good one.


... what, another wall?

well, two actually

nothing particulary profound to say about these, then again, maybe there is ...



...more photo's about God ...

The Burning Bush

The Promised Land

In The Desert (40 Days and 40 Nights)

more walls

I'm still playing with this, not sure how good they are, any comments, feed back?


Welcome to whatever you want

life, love, living space, job, taste, experiance, town, country, sound, feeling.....

another meditation

I am still looking at ideas for my next exhibition, and this may, or may not make it. The theme is a progression from my last show on the Stations of the Cross. I am still playing with ideas.

This will probably be another of them, maybe. It is another that references the flight of the Jews from Eygpt.


World Interests

The other day I went walking around a part of Hong Kong with someone who knows it well. We started in an industrial area that is changing. There used to be a lot of clothing factories here. They have gone to the mainland.

In a way, this picture sums up that change, where once there would have been the names of businesses on this sign, now there are none.

While walking around we also saw this. The exterior of a large clothing factory. To get a better view we went up into the parking building that was built especialy for photographers wanting to get interesting views.

meditation on yellow

Well, the scan is not that crash hot and I can't match the colour, but this has been one that I have liked for a while now. What do you think?


... more street art ...

People seem to like these, and luckily for them so do I. If I didn't you wouldn't get to see them Anyway, here is another in a continuing series. There are some more but I am of to Para/Site's trial run of it's new space, why aren't you there?

Jack the Dripper

Another homage image, first person to tell me who this is a homage to gets a prize.


Ideas, I have 'em sometimes...

I have been thinking about a “homage” series for a while. A work I have always liked is Colin McCahon’s “Here I give thanks to Mondrian”. So this is the first in an occasional series. Keep coming back for more.

Oh, yes, this is called, to start the series, “Here I give thanks to McCahon”. And yes, it is a photograph.


Public Art and Private Views

All around Hong Kong are these house shaped symbols which are, I think for a variety of services (water, gas). They are often very interesting, especially if they have been on the wall for a while.

And sometimes there is street sculpture in one form...

...or another.

Tokyo revisited

You can’t go to Japan and not try a Zen cliché or three now can you? Let me know if you think it’s all crap oh yea my hard hearted critics….

And to satisfy the lovers of colour....



Just found this while going through stuff. I don't think I will be doing to many like this here....


I went to Tokyo recently...

I spent just under two days there. It is an interesting city, and one that, obviously I can only make the broadest of generalizations about. It is big, we went to a bar high up a tower block one evening (the Park Hyatt, where parts of ‘Lost in Translation’ were filmed) and the city seemd to go on forever. But at street level, in most of the places I went to, it felt very human. Many of the buildings are ‘low rise’, four to six levels as opposed to the large number of towers in Hong Kong. This adds to the feeling of space. Tokyo is built like this for a reason I am told. Earthquakes.

During my time there I took surprisingly few photo’s. The three above are from a temple complex near our hotel. My understanding is that this temple was for stillborn and miscarried babies. It was a place that was both still and peaceful, yet also full of life. And therein lays a sweeping generalization based on 48 hours in a city.

And before I go, anyone who goes “Asian” in an attempt to lump a significant proportion of the world together as one homogeneous group should spend two days in Tokyo followed by two days in Hong Kong to understand the profound cultural differences. It’s like saying European, and expecting that to cover France and England as one group.


As some of you know I have a thing about water...

... I love, fear, admire and respect the sea. It has tried to kill me and it has given me great peace. My relationship with it is complicated, but then aren’t all relationships.

And on a more prosaic issue, some one reminded me this blog is fp4.blogspot, so where are the black and white images? OK, these are for you.


God It Is All Dark

The images above are installation shots from a show I had last year called “God It Is All Dark”. They represent my interpretation of the Stations of the Cross, and pay homage to one of New Zealand’s greatest artists, Colin McCahon. The images are gathered from the path that leads to Te Papa in Wellington, and are something that people walk over each day on there way to, from and past the gallery. (Another reference to McCahon, his work Walk).

I think like many of my generation there is a strong Judeo-Christian underpinning to my upbringing and therefore my spirituality. You can either fight it or use it.

As they say, "vanity, all is vanity", here (which you will have to copy and past into your browser, I can't make it work from within the post....) www.salient.org.nz/index.php?a=2018&c=28 is a review of the show from a local student publication. One correction, there are 14, not 12 stations.

I’m sorry about the quality of the images, I can not yet scan the negs, and the prints are way too large for my scanner.


It's been a wet day...

So I sit here and go through stuff planning for an exhibition later in the year.

I think my coming back to these old images is both a reaction to the landscape in Hong Kong and a continuation of the interest in religious imagery. Some stuff works, some does not.

Anyway, going out to meet friends and discuss things like food, books and movies. The sort of Friday night I like.


Going back through old negatives

While I wait for the Tokyo pictures to get back from the lab I thought I might just put these two up. These where taken some time ago when I was playing around with some ideas. I like them, even though there isn’t much that is particularly new or earth shattering about them. One comment at the time was “what a waste of a good camera”.