travel with a bag full of cameras

Well I am in Iceland, and yes it is cold. Well, any where is probably cold after Hong Kong. London was good, warm (they thought they were having a heat wave), I found it almost pleasant. Had a nice time going from gallery to gallery. The new hang at the Tate Modern is good, few things that really worked and the Rothko room is still wonderful. The Tate was nice, spent a long time in the Turner wing.

What can I say about Iceland. Well for a start I have only been here for two days but yes, at this time of the year it does stay light for close to 24 hours. There is a brief, (2-3 hours), period when it turns to dusk. It is kind of wierd, light at midnight.

We spent yesterday geting organised. Got the vehicles out of the contianer and sorted out a few problems. Spent most of today out photographing. Think I found some good stuff, certainly different to what I have been doing lately, more modernist, traditional work. Will have to see what comes of it.

Anyway, will post more as time allows. Take care all.


Johann said...

Thanks for the update.

TheWipe said...

Oh my , I thought your still in HK ....anyway enjoy , nice blog !!

Johann said...

You've been shit listed.