More from Iceland

Stark then lush. That’s the words for today. It describes the landscape I have been looking at the last week. There are real contrasts here, rolling green fields and desolate, blasted vistas. It’s a beautiful country in many ways. The pictures you see in tourist brochures and magazines are real.

Anyway, what have I been doing? Well, getting used to an Icelandic keyboard for a start. Some great symbols and letters on it. I will try and keep the miss types to a minimum. We have been travelling over a small stretch of coast and interior photographing for “The Books”. I have been trying to do some of my own work (I’m not a rocks and trees sort of guy) and have found a few things that have made me do some work. Most of my time is spent helping Paula Chamlee either make photos or work on her film. The latter has been interesting.

Interesting things that have happened to me. Waking up to sheep surrounding my tent. Seeing Puffins, they are much smaller than I thought. Sleeping next to a glacier and hearing ‘bergs calve off during the night. Learning that the German translation for seal is sea dog. Not having a heart attack each time I pay for something (this is an expensive place).

Need to rush off and find the local laundry. Last chance for about 10 days. Have fun ya all.


Johann said...

It wasn't quite a thousand words, but you painted a good picture.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to see Iceland through your lens.


Sam said...

since when did you need clean underwear?