Been reading...

..a few good books.

Among them is One Hundred Photographs: A collection By Bruce Bernard. A great collection of images from some of the great names in photography, and, I feel, appropriately, a large number of anonymous ones as well. One of the 100 images in the collection is W.Eugene Smith, Tomoko with her mother beside the Bath. This image is iconic in its depiction of the effects of mercury pollution. In the book the photograph is not shown, in its place is a short essay on why the image is not published. It makes interesting reading regarding the use of images and their wider effect. I recommend it to any photographer who photographs people.

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microphen said...

Hey, haven't checked you out for a while. good to see you're under way.

incidentally, by way of trivia, and just to prove what a nerd i am, 100 photographs is very likely the last time you'll see that eugene smith shot published as tomoko's family finally, after years of trying, managed to stop any future publications and sales of that iconic image.