Another day

It’s been nice today. The rain and wind cleared the sky and the light was good, temperature was in the mid 20’s with comfortable humidity. So I stayed inside most of the day and worked. Shit happens.

I did get out in the end, had to get some stuff done and post some letters (you remember those, messages that you put on paper, stuff in an envelope, put in a box with a token on them and someone then gives them to the person you want to get them) and run some errands.

As one of the errands took me to Kowloon I went and had another look at the Rothko exhibition. It’s great, even in one of the worst art galleries I have ever been into the work just glowed and asked you to come closer and spend time with it.

So, if you are in Hong Kong, go to the glorified toilet on the Kowloon waterfront and see the Rothko’s. It’s worth the visit.

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Sam said...

Letters? I seem to vaguely recall them being used in a past, obsolete civilisation eons ago.