This might just look like any other street scene. People rushing about, doing stuff. Stopping to buy fruit and veg, going home, or to work. Who knows.

But this is more than that. A little history. Possession Street, where this diptych was taken is on what used to be, before massive reclamation works started, Possession Point. The spot the British landed at and "took possession" of Hong Kong. Possession Street is in Sheung Wan, a very "Chinese" and working class part of Hong Kong Island, though this is changing with developers shifting into the area.

Anyway, this image was in a show that honoured the 10th anniversary of, depending on your background, the "Hand Over" or the "Establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region". It's subtle, but look at it for long enough but the politics come out. Two road signs, one says Possession, the other, Ends.

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