Timeless Public Art

As you may well know, I was in New York recently. That trip included a visit to friends in Washington DC.

We had a great time (thanks Diana and Sam).

DC is am interesting place (and if you visit from NY, do yourself a favour, take the train, it's a great trip) that I hope to return to again one day. A weekend was not enough. Especially a weekend when I got sick......

Part of my desire to visit DC, along with seeing friends I haven't seen in a long time, was to see a set of paintings at the National Gallery of Art. Barnett Newmans' Stations of the Cross

I was not disappointed when Rachel walked up to me and said "there is something you have to see" and lead me into the room. These are great works. Up there with the best of the Fra Angeleco and Giotto.

Go there, see them, and walk down "The Mall" and see the guy above afterwards.

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