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Well, what a trip.

There is an old curse, "may you live in interesting times”. Well, this trip was interesting, both in good ways and bad ways. The good was seeing friends and family, traveling through the North Island with my friend Andy and reconnecting with the New Zealand landscape again. I felt refreshed by it, both creatively and personally. I attended a very interesting master class in Auckland and met some talented people. I have also been asked to put a proposal together for an exhibition at Gallery I respect (a highlight of the trip). More later.

On the not so good was breaking teeth, then a small cut on my arm turning into a large infection. Three weeks later I am taking antibiotics every 6 hours….. But the doozy of the trip was a car accident. Had a guy in a large van go through a red light in front of us. Fortunately we hit him, not the other way round, or I don’t think I would be here to talk about it. We are both ok, sprains and bruises only. Thank God for modern safety features on cars. Don’t think I will ever drive without a seat belt either, (had ours on at the time). Better a sore chest from the impact than a head through a windscreen….

Anyway, to all you out there, take care, drive safely and blessings for the rest of the year.

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