What I saw today then

Boy from a small country comes to the big city, well Hong Kong, it is a big city after Wellington. I suppose it’s a big city after just about anywhere, except maybe Tokyo, New York, Jakarta, well you get the idea.

Today I had to go to the place where some of our stuff is stored out by one of the container terminals. This was rather an experience. This was a huge building. Until I got inside I didn’t realize how big. Got out of the lift on the 8th floor of a 20 floor building and thought, “hmm, really high ceilings in here” walked around the corner and out a door into, well, hard to describe, imagine a parking building crossed with a loading bay, crossed with a warehouse. Except the parking building is for articulated trucks shifting 60 foot shipping containers. And there are about 20 floors of this. And it’s busy, and by busy I mean really, really busy. So busy it needs traffic lights and traffic control people.

End result, I now have a much better understanding of the Hong Kong economy, the amount of stuff that must go in and out of here is mind boggling. The manager of the shipping and storage people said that today was very quiet. Lots of people leaving early for the long weekend, (May Day on Monday). I would love to see it on a busy day!


Sam said...

Looking forward to your next post. Keep us up to date!

Sam said...

Where you at? Where's my next post?

Anonymous said...

I love your website. It has a lot of great pictures and is very informative.